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Fairwood Retirement Village Mission Statement

It is our mission and commitment to provide quality care and services to each resident. We are a dedicated leader in retirement living; with exceptional management and staff who are devoted toward achieving this daily mission.

With daily due dilligence it is our mission to provide a safe, warm home-like environment where residents may enjoy the privacy of their home and activities of daily living; living life to its fullest.

Residents in our higher levels of care facilities are cared for by skilled, licensed staff; recognizing their independence, dignity, privacy, comfort, security and healthcare needs.

Ron and Joyce Knutson, Owners of Fairwood Retirement Village in Spokane

Ron and Joyce Knutson, Owners of Fairwood Retirement Village in Spokane


About Fairwood Retirement

Fairwood Retirement Village opened its doors in May of 1988. Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Fairwood has a strong presence in Eastern Washington supporting senior care. Fairwood continues its presence in the greater Spokane area as an outreach to other senior related organizations. Since 1988, the community continues to recognize the need for a continuum care concept; with efforts to meet senior living industry standards of excellence. This recognition focuses service and care expectations. CARING and COMMITMENT is upmost in the minds of our staff in all areas of service.

Being family owned and operated in today's senior living market is unique. That said, having our owners and management team close at hand offers a personal opportunity for family, resident and staff to interact.

Smiling senior couple eating breakfast together

Residents may choose to emulate Assisted Living with private care in their independent living residence, or take advantage of this state licensed facility for greater support with health care and activities of daily living. The environment encourages independence while providing supportive services 24-7.


Resident Testimonials at Fairwood

"We have now lived at Fairwood Retirement Village for over four years. We left a very nice home with well-kept house and grounds. It required considerable work, work which we enjoyed. However, it is now enjoyable to have our home and grounds well kept by maintenance employees; employees who are friendly and responsive to any problems we may have."
Resident, Mr. & Mrs. Hanson

"On behalf of my mother who was a resident at Fairwood Retirement Village, we would like to highly recommend this community to others. The accommodations were comfortable, the staff very friendly and helpful, and the food in the dining room was well prepared and delicious. The activities are plentiful and well organized."
Daughter of a former resident, Mrs. Shaw

"I love living this care free life where all I have to do when something malfunctions is notify "Maintenance", and before I know it, someone is here to fix the problem."
Resident, N. Trauger

"Living maintenance free is comforting and makes life so much easier! Fairwood Village provides professional upkeep for heat, A/C, plumbing, electrical and even picture hanging inside the apartment. Grounds keeping and snow removal is a plus. All the things my husband used to do!"
Resident, Mr. & Mrs. Smith

"It was a big step for me to leave my home which was not in the Spokane area. All of the first impressions Fairwood Retirement Village have proven right. The continued effort by the owners and staff to keep the warmth alive remains. I now have new friends and a new community to continue to learn about."
Resident, A. Wood-Gaines

"We are very happy we chose Fairwood Retirement Village as our place to retire. Physicians, dentists, vision specialists and shopping are not far away. We love our condo and have met so many nice, friendly people through the activities and trips Fairwood provides."
Residents, Larry and Bonnie