Fairwood residents attending the Quilt Show Fairwood residents participate in many ways with outreach. What does this mean? Within our own community you will find our residents volunteering on behalf of Activities, Spiritual Live Committee, the Librarian, Resident Council officers, Building Representatives, Men's Breakfast, Resident Ambassador Hosts for Dining and Tours. Many participate in the Quilt and Sew group that organizes the annual Fairwood Village Quilt Show event for residents and the public. They also provide quilts to support various not-for-profit organizations in need.

Mukagawa Japanese Institute students visiting with residents The Mukagawa Japanese Institute, and the nursing and pharmaceutical students from Washington State University visit to complete their curriculum requirements for their language and degree programs. Residents support other residents with our Indoor Water Aerobic Fitness Class.

Off Campus we have residents supporting the Red Cross, RSVP of the YMCA, Shriners, Union Gospel Mission, various church related events, and reading programs for younger students.

Fairwood Retirement Village is a place where residents can reside who semi or fully retired. Maintenance Free Living affords more time to do the things residents want to do to contribute and be part of everyday life here and beyond our borders.

We appreciate our resident referrals which is an outreach of itself. Many residents love their home here at Fairwood and take the time to reach out to friends and other family members to be part of this wonderful community.